In compliance with every guarantee for the customer, IPEG now offers on the market furnaces for the fusion of ceramic frits of every production potential, studied according to the types in question. Tanks with variable dimensions from 0.5 to 20 square meters, with fixed or tilting planes with differentiated geometry, always created with the use of the most suitable materials, tested in many embodiments, guaranteeing the right balance between productivity, duration and management cost that is necessary in an increasingly demanding and specific market.

The combustion plant used single or multi burners, the most efficient systems for surveying and regulating the temperature, a suitable sizing and the thermal recovery obtained by preheating the combustion air to values ​​higher than 400 ° C, allow to reduce to the maximum specific consumption, falling in some cases to values ​​below 2000 kcal / kg of melted product. In technically appropriate or economically interesting cases oxy-combustion is expected.

The long plant engineering experience allows to study and realize the insertion of the ovens proposed in a complete system of raw materials dosing, feeding and unloading of the finished product that allows maximum productivity and maximum thermal and economic efficiency.