Completely automatic intermittent kilns for single firing or re-firing of sanitary-ware in vitreous-china and fire-clay.

Temperature 1300 °C.

Main features:

  • Firing process managed by electronic instrument with microprocessor able to memorize different firing curves, with management of each installed equipment: no staff is required during the firing;
  • Feedings available: natural gas, L.P.G., diesel-oil and biodiesel;
  • Remote control and alarm optional;
  • High efficiency combustion process carried out by total precombustion burners (Coeltunnel patent);
  • Absolute firing uniformity in all the loading sections;
  • Replicability of the colours;
  • No breaking and defects due to the kiln during the firing;
  • Costant atmosphere inside the kiln;
  • Low power consumption thanks to the use of the latest technology (ECONOMICK Project).


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