Continuous cycle tunnel kilns for single firing of sanitary material.

Main features:

  • Perfect uniformity of temperature by a total precombustion and a particular rapid cooling system Coeltunnel patented;
  • Operating max. temperature 1.280 °C;
  • Entirely pre-fabricated kiln, with period of assembly very short;
  • The particular refractory structure, very light, of kiln and trucks, allows heating and cooling of kiln in a short time, allowing stop of the kiln during summer closing. This kiln allows for great flexibility in operations, enabling a variety of firing curves and cycles to be performed at different temperatures, thanks to the use of particular types of gas burners patented and manufactured by Coeltunnel.

This allows to achieve the following results:

  • Possibility to use any fuel: half-muffled or muffled versions for liquid fuel; totally no-muffled for gaseous fuel or very clean liquid fuel;
  • Holding of combustion within the unit without a flame escape;
  • Ample possibilities to adjust the temperature and speed of heating outflows;
  • Full safety in case of power blackout and fuel exhaustion or in case of accidental flame blowout;
  • Low energy consumptions due to the possibility of heat recovery, pre-heated combustion air, very good insulation of the kiln.

Finally this allows to heat and fire ceramic materials in the most suitable conditions required from each point of the firing curve, thus obtaining the highest thermal efficiency and fuel saving, the maximum acceleration of firing cycle, the absolute minimization of all the defects that are usually found on ceramic materials such as: size difference, colour shades, cooling cracks, deformations, small preheating cracks, flatness, etc.

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