SETEC GROUP offers the S6 anthropomorphic robot for the automatic glazing of sanitary items such as: WC, washbasins, shower trays, etc.

The modularity of our S6 painting robots facilitates their use in most applications and drastically decreases installation and testing times. Our robots are designed, engineered and built specifically to work in aggressive environments, such as glazing booths. Stainless steel components guarantee greater resistance to corrosive agents and humidity, typical variables of glazing cells. The S6 painting robots can be equipped with one or two guns, allowing for quick and uniform glazing.

MULTIPLE PROGRAMMING SYSTEMS: The S6 robot can be programmed through self-learning for quick and easy glazing of ceramic pieces with complex shapes. Otherwise it can have point-to-point programming for more accurate painting of geometrically simple pieces. The self-learning programming of our industrial painting robots is simple and practical. Thanks to the use of an ergonomically designed joystick complete with programmable buttons, a single operator can manage the programming from the spraying point. Our multilingual software that manages the robot has been entirely developed within our company and can be customized to perfectly meet customer needs. It also includes a production management module with statistics and robot usage data. All robots are supplied with an industrial PC and touch-screen, to obtain practical and intuitive management of all machine functions.

VARIOUS ROBOT CONFIGURATION: The S6 painting robot can be integrated with different devices engineered and produced by SETEC GROUP. These devices include carousel systems, external conveyors and rotation devices.

SUPERIOR MANEUVERABILITY: The arms of the S6 painting robot are built with very light but strong materials. They are also pneumatically balanced to obtain high levels of maneuverability during the programming phase.

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