Our filter presses are used in the ceramic, chemical and water purification industries.

The operation of these machines is based on the filtration capacity of special cloths through which the liquid to be filtered is pushed with pressures of the order of 16 ÷ 20 bar.

Each cloth covers a square-shaped tray made of polypropylene.

All the trays are supported by 2 longitudinal beams which constitute the supporting frame of the filter press.

During the closing phase of the machine, the trays are pushed by a movable head which translates until they are rigidly compacted, thanks to the pressure exerted by a hydraulic piston controlled by a special control unit: thus creating a homogeneous closing thrust of the entire pack of trays.

This thrust ensures that the right pressure is maintained throughout the filtering cycle.

The trays pack is opened at the end of the cycle automatically or manually depending on the filter press model.

The filter presses are powered by diaphragm and / or plunger piston pumps that SETEC GROUP builds and offers in a wide range of models.

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