The high speed blungers are used in ceramic industry to disperse clay in water, to mix ceramic slips or glazes with other components or to avoid sedimentation of heaviest components in suspension.

They are used also in paper manufacturing and chemical industries to mix, dissolve and disperse the various components or additives. They work by means of a 3-bladed propeller fixed to the lower end of the motor shaft, which keeps the liquid in motion; the flow is also helped by the inclination of the bottom of the tank.

The octagonal tanks, built in metal or concrete, can be supplied by us or built at customer’s charge according to our drawings. The propeller-bearing shafts can be supplied either in steel or stainless steel depending on use; propellers are supplied in cast iron, steel, wear-resistant steel or stainless steel.

The propellers can be driven by two-speed motor, thus allowing the equipment to be used as disperser-mixers, low-speed mixers, high-speed blungers.


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