The task of the dryer is reducing considerably the humidity in the ceramic pieces when green or in the plaster moulds in shorter time compared to the time required by natural type drying. This allows higher productivity and the advantage to dry the pieces by controlling the final humidity content before entering in the kiln. The use of such plant is relatively simple and easy to manage.

The drying chamber is provided with doors at shorter sides of the chamber.

The hot air produced by the air stream type generator is blown by the feeding centrifugal fan, through the duct, directly to the diffusion cone.

The humid air, generated by the vaporization of the water present in the pieces, is sucked by an axial fan in vault.

The drying chamber is managed by a PLC with programmable software that, on the basis of the predetermined and recorded curve, controls the drying parameters (humidity and temperature) in accordance to the cycle time, and operates automatically on:

  • the adjustment of the burner
  • the lighting of the humid air expulsion fan.  

The drying chamber is equipped with one hygrometric probe and one temperature probe that allow the measurement of the parameters of the process.

The  dryer’s dimensions and the thermal power depend on the required productivity and on the cars dimensions.

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ryer with cones


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