TRIO type dip glazing line by Vicentini is a fully automatic line capable of glazing ceramic tableware and small pottery items through an immersion process. It is possible to glaze both single-fired (if the product permits it) and double-fired (biscuit) products according to requirements, by acting on various adjustments of the line. The line can glaze plates, cups, bowls and other ceramic items ensuring maximum quality within the permitted range of sizes, allowing productivity up to 1.200 Pieces/h.

The glaze necessary for painting the back of the product is automatically inserted into the three supports of each station and is then emptied and filtered at each cycle of the machine.

An automatic system of rotating sponges cleans the piece-holder supports at each passage to ensure maximum quality and avoid glaze sediments on the supports. The immersion process is carried out in a glazing tank equipped with a recirculation and cleaning system for the glaze and a system that always keeps the level of the paint fixed and constant to guarantee an always uniform glazing. Rotation, inclination, times and all the other parameters needed to obtain perfect quality can be adjusted using the various commands on the main touch-screen or by selecting programs saved for each product in the PLC.

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