1200A TYPE

It allows automatic spray glazing of ceramic pieces ensuring constant results and high flexibility of production. Glazing is carried out by means of glazing guns (up to 4) moved according to horizontal and vertical axis. The piece is hold by means of 3 metallic sticks and put into rotation by a motor-driven spindle. Command logic is run by PLC and it is possible to personalize programs according to item’s shape and used glaze. Inverter controlled speed of axis and spindles. Forced suction filtering is guaranteed by a double water-film on the front screen and on the back side that is able to hold glaze spray, pigment spray or paints spray. All filtering waters are stored in a trolley tank easy to draw out.


  • 8-shaped tank with agitator for feeding and glaze recirculation    
  • diaphragm feeding pump                                              ,
  • spraying guns equipped with nozzles
  • guns feeding pneumatic plant
glazing automatic booth


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