Automatic production lines for cups are designed to produce not only cups but also saucers, bowls and concave round items of different shapes and dimensions. Possible output up to 1200 pieces/hour with 2-shaping­heads line FTV 2160 and up to 900 pieces/hour with 1­shaping-head line FTV 1180.

These lines are composed of:

  • Clay feeder: a belt elevator collects the clay rods and translates them to the pug mill in which the body mass is homogenized and de-aired.
  • Shaping unit: is a machine that produces required item by means of one or two spindles. These spindles can be heated according to set temperature, can turn with variable speed and can also shift horizontally (undercut).
  • Conveyor: this mechanism shifts the plaster moulds inside the dryer thanks to an intermittent movement synchronized with the pace of the shaping unit.
  • Dryer: a series of blowing stations carry out a quick leather-hard drying by forced convection. It is equipped with a gas burner and aerothermic circuit with possibility of controlling and regulating of the temperature.
  • Transfer: this device picks up the shaped and dried items and places them on the finishing unit.
  • Finishing machine: it carries out the finishing of the rims of shaped items thanks to 2 or more wet sponging stations.

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