SDR Ceramiche starts up a new Coel shuttle kiln

Following on from the installation of a Rapid Dry model dryer, Setec Group has supplied SDR Ceramiche with a new low-consumption kiln designed by Coeltunnel.

As part of plans to modernise its factory in Civita Castellana (Viterbo), Italian sanitaryware manufacturer SDR Ceramiche has installed a new shuttle kiln designed and built by Setec Group member company Coel.
The order follows SDR’s adoption of a Rapid Dry model drying machine supplied by Setec and has the same goal of reducing consumption while increasing productivity.

The new kiln is capable of firing and refiring 300-350 pieces per cycle and stands out for its low levels of energy consumption as well as the reliability and quality of the finished products. These levels of performance are largely achieved by the patented burner, which can also operate with preheated air.

The burner not only reduces the quantity of air introduced (thereby minimising consumption) but also ensures optimal control of the kiln atmosphere, which in turn brings benefits in terms of glaze quality.

Coeltunnel, part of the Setec Group since 2015, is a long-running company that has been designing and building tunnel and shuttle kilns for the ceramic industry for over 50 years. Thanks to its in-depth technological knowledge of the process, Coel is able to deliver cutting-edge ceramic firing solutions together with the expertise and equipment necessary to ensure high-quality, cost-effective production.

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