Plaster model
Made on executive drawings or sample supplied by the customer. The model is built with dimensions larger than the final dimensions of the ceramic article, taking into account the withdrawal communicated by the customer and paying attention to the appropriate technical measures to avoid deformation of the article after firing.
Original plaster mold Made on the basis of the plaster model, it is used to perform semi-industrial tests to verify the functional parameters. Only after obtaining acceptable results, the original mold will be used for the construction of the matrix.

The SE.TE.C. is able to guarantee a highly qualified technical assistance service, having a technical staff of proven experience, able to study the most suitable solutions to the following customer requests:

production problems (excessive waste, elimination of faults, etc.)
optimization of plant layout and study of production flows
modernization of existing installations
general plant engineering problems (slip distribution circuits, general plants, etc.)
elaboration of know-how
At the client’s request we are available to evaluate long-term “all-inclusive” collaboration relationships (half-yearly or yearly) studied from time to time according to the specific situation.

Our company has a very equipped pilot plant, able to faithfully reproduce the operating conditions of a production plant, guaranteeing all the activities starting from the preparation of doughs and glazes up to the firing of the product. The advantage of a service offered to our customers is therefore very evident. customers, which allows their staff to carry out training periods directly on the machines that will be installed at their premises. The ns. pilot plant guarantees the following activities:

– Preparation of dough and enamel
Mechanized casting of all ceramic articles
Testing and enamelling
Press filter
Vacuum kneading and mixing
Naturally all the training courses are managed and held by us. specialized personnel, who in addition to notions and practical instructions also issue information brochures concerning the theoretical part of the activities carried out.

Our qualified technical office is able to develop complete projects and engineering for plant sections or complete “turnkey” units.

Among all our activities, the one carried out within our company is of considerable importance. equipped ceramic laboratory, which boasts cutting-edge machinery able to guarantee high reliability. The ns. technical staff performs the following services daily:

• Control tests on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products
– Granulometric curve
– Rheological curve
– Thickness formation
– High pressure thickness formation
– Withdrawals in raw and cooked
– Water absorption on the terracotta
– Degree of white
– Flexural mechanical resistance
– Deformation
– DTA / TG ​​thermo-differential analysis
– Heating microscope
– Dilatometric analysis
– Baking in a gradient oven
– RX difractometric analysis
– Microscopic examinations with interpretation
• Functional tests on finished products with respect to current regulations regarding:
– Ceramic mass
– Dimensional acceptance limits
– Functionality tests
• Environmental monitoring tests
• Research and development of new technological solutions
The SE.TE.C. laboratory is accredited by SASO, UNI-EN, is registered with the MIUR and is listed in the Register
National for scientific research.