Setec supplies a new dryer to Kerasan

Kerasan is due to start up a new Rapid Dry dryer from Setec in the spring with the aim of reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity.

Kerasan, a longstanding Italian sanitaryware manufacturer based in Civita Castellana, will be installing a new Rapid Dry dryer from Setec this spring. The dryer was developed as part of the recently concluded LIFE project, which delivered excellent results in terms of reduced energy consumption and increased productivity.

The machine consumes less than 100 kcal/kg of gas and 0.003 kWh/kg of electricity and achieves very fast drying times, with cycles of less than 8 hours. When installed in the Kerasan factory, Rapid Dry will be capable of drying more than 550 pieces of sanitaryware per cycle.

The low levels of gas and electricity consumption are a result of innovative management software that optimises the operation of both the burner and the fans. The system also ensures fully automatic control of recirculation, cone speed (and consequently internal chamber turbulence) and humidity.

Humidity is also controlled perfectly during the initial highly critical stages of the process by introducing finely nebulised water. Thanks to these unique characteristics, Kerasan will be able to introduce even very wet pieces into the dryer and perform both pre-drying and final drying in a single machine.

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