DESCRIPTION OF THE MACHINE: the CER / P model cutter is completely AUTOMATIC, it needs 1 (one) operator only who does not participate in the machine’s operating sequences in any way, but supervises the production process. The CER / P model cutter is suitable for cutting cut tiles of low hourly production only.


Positioned at the exit of the kneading machine, it is possible to cut tiles of various shapes depending on the used puncher. The strip of land to be cut, passes on a belt that drags a moving table. A pneumatic cylinder helps the forward table move forward and then brings it back. A second pneumatic cylinder activates the descent of the punches; the control of this cylinder is given by the belt itself by means of a gear transmission. When the die comes down, the table advances, as soon as the cut is made, a cylinder moves up the die and the table returns to the starting point. The cutter needs compressed air.