PROGRES – Classical lathe for hand molding of artistic objects Equipped with a speed variator with pedal control. Start-stop button that can be operated with the foot. Low voltage auxiliary circuit. Operator seat. On request it can be equipped with a weighing device.

HERMES – Lathe suitable for the preparation of plaster molds. Drive with start-stop button. Equipped with a speed variator with pedal control. Supplied with side panels in sheet metal to contain scraps and backing pad with plunger tip for gypsum.

VELOX – Lathes suitable for molding plates, cups and vases by means of gypsum molds and applied on the manually operated weighing pan. Spindle with three working speeds driven by a motor with trapezoidal belt transmission and stepped pulleys. Brake and clutch pedal. They are available in two versions:

with horizontal pan (O) for the molding of plates and boluses.
with vertical tilting (V) for the molding of tall cylindrical objects or with undercuts.
BRIGO – Machine of particular design suitable for the production of oval plates on plaster molds and with a reflex applied on the weighing platform. Maximum length / width ratio obtainable 2: 1.

Two working speeds realized with a double polarity motor. Brake and clutch pedal.