They are mainly used to obtain a quick drying of the plaster molds installed on low pressure casting batteries, in order to multiply their daily productivity. They are generally installed to cover the casting lines and provided with lateral movable walls made of fireproof PVC roller blinds. The hot air is produced by a suitable indirect type generator connected to a network of distribution pipes equipped with special diffusing nozzles. The humid air is eliminated by using axial fans placed at the short ends of the drier regulated by suitable control probes.

Benefits provided:

Daily multiple casting;
Increase of production coefficient per square meter
Automation of the drying cycle;
Thermal energy savings linked to the location of the drying volume;
Excellent air circulation inside the molds;
Limited investment;
Adaptable to any traditional casting battery.
Cycle time: 2-3 hours depending on the shape, the weight of the molds and the type of plaster used.