Type Lisa 3 M

Suitable for full enamelling by immersion of peeling and plates with high fusibility crystalline. The piece is held by 3 special vacuum mandrels in contact with the support area of the piece foot. The enamelling of the base takes place by injection of the enamel through nozzles into the vacuum cup of the mandrel.

The line consists of:

Power supply unit:
• de-stacker
• loading belt
• units of dusting pieces
• stamping section
• piece centering device

Transfer trolley:
• loading suckers
• motorized suction cups for unloading and dismantling
Enamelling group:
• moving crosshead
• rotating enamelling mandrels
• enamelling tank
• background enamelling device
• eight enamel feeding tank
• spindle washing device

Unloading unit:
• removal belt of the foot
• accumulation and discharge belt