Plaster model

Made on executive drawings or sample supplied by the customer. The model is built with dimensions larger than the final dimensions of the ceramic article, taking into account the withdrawal communicated by the customer and paying attention to the appropriate technical measures to avoid deformation of the article after firing.

Original plaster mold

Made on the basis of the plaster model, it is used to perform semi-industrial tests to verify the functional parameters. Only after obtaining acceptable results, the original mold will be used for the construction of the matrix.

Matrix in epoxy resin

Made on the tested and approved original mold, the matrix is made of epoxy resin according to the size and shape of the sanitary article. * matrixes are also made of gypsum-rubber suitable for cheaper investments.

Resin work mold
Manufactured from the resin matrix, it can be single or multiple cavities and is supplied complete with aluminum plates and support structure for the control of the deformation during the casting phase. The mold is also equipped with the appropriate connections to the auxiliary circuits and to the pipes for feeding the slip. According to the article to be produced, the mold can be provided with resin inserts activated pneumatically and integrated in the automatic production cycle of the casting machine to obtain holes for wall fixing or similar functions.

Laboratory tests
SE.TE.C. it also offers the Customer a service of assistance specialized in carrying out the following technological activities:
– Casting of ceramic articles at your pilot plant, using dough and guaranteeing the same environmental conditions available at the Customer
– Green and white finish
– Forced drying
– Glazing using the Client’s enamel
– Cooking


The plant allows the vacuum preparation of the mixture of gypsum / water used for the production of the molds. It consists of an automatic scale able to autonomously dose the quantities in function obtaining a highly homogeneous water-gypsum mixture.

The molds built using this system have a significantly longer life, as the gypsum mixed in the vacuum is more resistant. The system can be supplied complete with storage silo and extraction screw.

DG150 datasheet