Tunnel kilns

intermittents kilns

The prefabricated kiln with lightened trolleys, both tunnel and intermittent, represents, under precise design conditions, a punctual and integrated response to the request for a heat treatment system that allows rapid firing of sanitary-ware.

The low thermal inertia represented by the prefabricated modular structure, obtained with the use of light refractory bricks on the first side and ceramic fibers on the second, is a necessary condition to give elasticity and manageability to the heat engine.

For the hypothesized conditions to be fulfilled, however, it is also necessary that the systems installed on the machine and the control and regulation equipment have been designed in a manner consistent with the required flexibility and manageability.

Once these conditions are fulfilled, the choice between an intermittent kiln and a tunnel kiln will be fundamentally based on the production potential required, on the variety of the programmed type or, more generally, on the setting that you want to give to the production line to be built, which represents the main object of discussion.

It must always be remembered that just as the mixture and the glaze are to be conceived according to the thermal cycle that is to be achieved, so too the kiln to be used must be designed according to the entire production line. High-speed intensive burners are installed on the kilns. The types of burners are chosen and alternated according to the thermotechnical characteristics of the different areas and the particular functions that are entrusted to them in the economics of managing the kiln. Each burner is equipped with automatic ignition and flame control.