Roller lathe for the wet production of OVAL PLATES by means of plaster molds. The maximum size of the plaster molds is 530 x 385 mm., While the eccentricity obtainable can be varied from 0 + 100 mm. on the radius.

The forming caliber, with variable speed, is fixed to the approach crosspiece and is equipped with a tilting movement with hydraulic control. II Spindle with standard oval mold holder 0 300 x 208 mm. it also has a variable speed drive and is equipped with manual eccentricity adjustment.

The hydraulic unit, with low-noise gear pump, controls, in addition to the tilting movement of the gauge, the ascent and descent of the moving crosspiece with two different travel speeds: fast for translating movements, slow for shaping. Vacuum system, for blocking gypsum molds, with rotary vane pump with a capacity of 12m³ / h. with a theoretical maximum vacuum of 60 Torr., 0,55 kW motor. The work cycle is semi-automatic and is bound by a photocell protection device.

Complete with hydraulic power unit, electrical system and general control panel.